Born in Turin in 1991, I prefer to call myself native, like my whole family, of Cumiana, a small village in Piedmont, appreciated for its ‘good air, good wine and humane people’.
After graduating from high school, I began the path of formation for religious and priestly life in the footsteps of St Dominic. In 2019 I was ordained priest and sent to the community of Izmir, Turkey. My service in this metropolis on the shores of the Aegean Sea is like looking out of a window: a place of encounter and passage of light, where it is possible to communicate and receive from others what is most precious, immersing everyday life in the holy places where the fire of Christianity burns.

One of my main interests is liturgy, which I study at the Institute of St Justina in Padua. For this reason, I spend long periods sharing the life of the friars living in the Venetian house of Saints John and Paul, to whom I am very grateful for having welcomed me as a brother, an integral part of the community. Finally, I live my ministerial service with several Venetian communities of the Neocatechumenal Way.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and Turkish.