I am originally from Padua and I have been in the Order of Preachers since I was 18, when I entered the novitiate in the convent of Milan, and I have been a priest for thirty years. Before coming to Venice, I spent some time in Switzerland, in the community of Lugano, as chaplain of the University, and then I moved from the lake to the lagoon.

Among the various pastoral services, I taught religion for five years in a high school in Bologna, and then devoted myself to an Institute run by Dominican laywomen with a nursery and primary school.
After Bologna, I also wandered through Padua and Fontanellato (PR). In 2014, I was called to Venice to serve as Superior of the Dominican Community, which I look after every day. I then look after our house and follow the numerous restoration and ordinary maintenance works that our Basilica requires, which, besides being beautiful, is also very big (too big!) and demanding.

I am a great lover of walking and climbing in the mountains and, every now and then, when I can’t go to the mountains, I climb up to the dome of our Basilica, from which I can enjoy the beauty of creation and the masterpiece that is Venice with its lagoon. In addition, from an early age I have been a passionate fan of the Milan football team.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and English