Protection of the Basilica

Since 1810, the Dominicans deal with the preservation of the inestimable heritage of the Basilica, to them assigned after the Napoleonic suppression.  The size and the antiquities of the Basilica require constant maintenance: since 1891 more than 90 restorations have been carried out, one every 1,5 years. In particular, between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries the Doges’ monuments, the chapels and the Sacristy were touched for the first time. 

During I World War, notable expenses for repairing the damage provoked by the Hapsburg bombing were incurred. The most important interventions involve the covering, the unveiling and the restoration of the decorated surfaces, the monumental sepulchres and the stained-glass windows.

Thanks to the significant support provided by far by privates and visitors in the last ten years through donations and entry oblations, the Dominican Community could guarantee the preservation and the fruition of the Basilica with the related operas. Numerous and necessary restoration and maintenance works, whether ordinary or urgent, have been carried out.


Pastoral Activity

The Community of Preaching Friars have been leading the Parish Community of Santi Giovanni e Paolo since 1810. The community is varied and dynamic, committed to evangelisation through the Christian education and catechesis of children, guys, youngsters, the pastoral care of families, elderlies, volunteer activity, cultural initiatives, the service experience.