Ordo Predicatorum


Born in Caleruega, a mountain village in Vecchia Castiglia (Spain), Saint Domenico distinguishes himself since his youth for charity and poverty.


Diego, the Bishop of Osma, when assigned to do a crucial diplomatic mission to Denmark on behalf of Alphonso VIII, King of Castiglia, chooses Domenico as fellow travel, whom he would have never again departed from.

In the meantime, Domenico develops a precise scope: to give Preaching stability and structure.


He goes to Rome to participate in the Consilium Lateranense IV and to submit his project to Innocent III, based on the rule of Saint Augustine.


Pope Onorio III officially approves the Order of Preaching Friars, with these words: “A devout desire has inspired you, for which, having embraced poverty and professed regular life, you will dedicate yourselves to the exhortation of the word of God, bringing the announcement of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world “.

The grounding principles of the Order are the itinerant preaching, begging, a series of monastic observances and the in-depth study.


Saint Domenico dies in his beloved Convent in Bologna.


Gregory IX, with him tied by a profound friendship, canonized him on the 3rd of July 1234. 


The Order of the Preachers is located in five continents across 43 provinces.

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