Visit experiences

The Basilica provides the visitors with the opportunity to visit one of the most relevant sights of the history of Venice, state church of the Serenissima and venue of the Dominican Fathers since the thirteenth century, through thematic, experiential and BSL routes:


Exclusive itinerary, targeted to single visitors and groups, accompanied by adequately trained guides through the discovery of the Basilica and its interiors, rich in masterpieces and curiosities about the Dominican faith. Visitors may admire the complex from a privileged view, by blending in the spirituality and amenities of the place.


the Basilica may open the evening upon request. The visit is solely available on the basis of guided and single groups.

  • Pre-established groups with a guide can require an extraordinary opening by contacting the Basilica.
  • Single groups or group without a guide are kindly required to book the visit with our voluntary guides.