Born in Dolo (VE) in 1943, I took solemn vows in the Dominican Order in 1971. I was ordained priest in Venice by the then Patriarch Albino Luciani in September 1975.
I spent ten years in Athens (Greece) to share with some brothers an experience of ecumenical encounter with the Eastern brothers.
In my ministry, I have performed various pastoral services, including vocational promotion, teaching religion in primary schools, activities with university students, spiritual direction, preaching and serving as a confessor.
My main interests include Byzantine spirituality and liturgy and the study of iconography. My curious nature reflects my love for travelling and getting to know different cultures, including cuisine… without neglecting my affection for my native region and its traditions. As an explorer, I obviously love, when possible, to live in nature and in the meantime, I enjoy gardening. I am grateful to God for my vocation, which is the source of my joy and has always supported me on the path of life.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and German.